Trump Israel play

You Heard it Here about Trump and Israel!

Speaking with Marc Zell, Co-Chair of Republicans Overseas Israel, the closest person we have in Israel to the Trump administration. Hear what he has to say on settlements, Iran, Obama appointments in the Trump administration and more!

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caroline lapid

Caroline Glick: Beware of Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid!

He is a left winger trying to get right wing votes, people can’t be fooled again!!!!

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i24 settlement law

Blasting the Lies and Mistruths of Peace Now against Israel!

Getting the truth out there about the “settlements” and international law!

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obama trump

What’s Going on with Obama! Insights from Caroline Glick

He might be almost gone from the White House, but he won’t be gone like we’d really like him to be!

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Britain Blocks Anti-Israel Obama Moves at Paris & By EU – Melanie Phillips Insight

We have just witnessed unbeleivable changes, and he isn’t even President yet!

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“The debate is settled!” “That’s offensive!” Two Ways The Left Shuts Down Free Speech

These are the typically most intolerant people who attempt to shame others as intolerant.

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What is Zionism?

An answer to all those who are haters of Israel, anti-Semite, and to those who want to really know what Zionism is. This is Zionism, this is Judaism.

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Matisyahu Banned from Reggae Festival in Spain! Total Anti-Semitism!

The BDS movement is showing it’s true face, it’s not about being anti-Israel, is all about anti-semitism!

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eu iran

Seriously Europe? So Much Hypocrisy!

This blatant hypocrisy screams to the heavens!

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The numbers prove it: The 2-state solution is DEAD!

The Demographic Time Bomb will not happen. What will they lie about next?

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