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Wednesday 22 October 2014

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Netanyahu Shuts the Mouth of A Very Confused Arab in Parliament

Arab MK silenced.

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charge in 30

ALL SMARTPHONE USERS: Israel just changed your LIFE

So how fast can you charge a smartphone? Something that looks preposterous but is based on solid research. This incredible gadget created


Thanks to Israel, You Don’t Need to be a Pilot to Fly a Plane


You won’t Believe Who Converted to Judaism!

Yaniv, once Busman, a Palestinian Moslem who discovered and converted to Judaism while in jail, now lives and learns in a yeshiva in


Thanks to Israel, Dental Care and Braces are About to Become a Thing of The Past

Israeli company gives orthodontics new bite! An Israeli company has developed a teeth-straightening device that frees patients from having to wear aligners or

paper airplane

Israeli Invention Takes Paper Airplane to Drone in 60 Seconds!


Israel Just Saved The Bike… ALL Of Them.


The Spiderman Invention from Israel that will Save Lives!

Israel cares about lives. That's why companies in Israel have invented so many ingenious gadgets and inventions which are designed to save and


Thanks to Israel, With the Touch of a Button, Your Smartphone Can do Just About Everything


You Won’t Believe What this Israeli Pilot Did!

This is an incredible plane! But what's really incredible in this story is the pilot. Captain Ziv Nedivi, IAF pilot, is

October 20, 2014Liberal Hamas supporters show their true colors.
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October 17, 2014Pollywood in action - and the world bought every word of it.
October 17, 2014This is why there will never be peace.
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.48.02 PM
October 17, 2014The truth is out.
david and golliath2
October 17, 2014Proof that the Bible is not just a story book. These events really happened!

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