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This is Why the Entire Western World Must Support Israel Right Now

This is why you should care.

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Israel Just Unveiled Technology That Will Make Sci-Fi Movies Look Like the Stone Age

Oh my gosh! Lasers against missiles. Can you believe what Jewish ingenuity can do?!! I hope that all of those spectators in


There is Still One Society in the World Where Children Don’t Stand a Chance

horses efrat1

HAPPY Efrat!

During these difficult times which are facing the Jewish people, the residents of Efrat wanted people around the world to know that


The Most Beautiful Way to Pass Time in a Bomb Shelter


The Best Footage of Iron Dome in Action you Will Ever See


Shocking testimonials about how HAMAS Treats it’s Own

Horrible. Horrible violations of human rights. UN? Obama? Somebody watch this and let us know- really. Who is violating human

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 1.25.47 PM

You GOTTA see this HOLOGRAM!!!


15 Seconds to Save Your Childs Life


A California Church Just Stood with Israel Like Never Before

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