Israel’s NASTY SURPRISE for the Iranian Military

With its advanced guidance technology the Israeli Air Force is ready for any threat.

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Embedded with French Special Forces in Mosul as ISIS Flees

Join a journalist embedded with troops on the front lines in Iraq who has incredible access.

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Iran flexes its muscles, proves stupidity of Obama’s Iran Deal

Iran is testing Trump big time and no one knows how he is going to respond.

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If you want to understand why the Arab world is such a disaster you better watch this

Why are Muslim nations so far behind the rest of the world? The truth may surprise you…

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What the Arab leaders did to their own people will SHOCK you!

Why doesn’t the media tell you about this “Palestinian Myth??”

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Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 7.14.29 PM

Gunfire rattles Tehran as drone buzzes over Iranian capital

Military scrambles airforce, fires cannons as quadcopter flies near sensitive area of capital

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Israel strikes Syrian weapons facility near Damascus

At least someone actually sticks to their red lines….

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The Woman Who Stood Up To Iran

The world women’s chess championship is set to take place in Iran — but the American champion refuses to wear a hijab while she plays.

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I have had Some bad Traveling Experiences, But NEVER THIS Bad!

When buying plane tickets, you better be very careful.

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Don’t Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Christians Sees it

Do you really know what is happening to minorities across the Middle East?

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