The Woman Who Stood Up To Iran

The world women’s chess championship is set to take place in Iran — but the American champion refuses to wear a hijab while she plays.

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I have had Some bad Traveling Experiences, But NEVER THIS Bad!

When buying plane tickets, you better be very careful.

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Don’t Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Christians Sees it

Do you really know what is happening to minorities across the Middle East?

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You’ll NEVER Guess What The Muslim Bahrian Kingdom Did On Hanukkah!

On Saturday night, the kingdom, ruled by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, held a candle-lighting ceremony in which Jews, business people and other Bahraini people took part.

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Iran’s Military Sucks So Bad Even The General Are Crying

Iran may just self destruct even without Israel lifting a finger…

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“You drink camel urine” Ex-muslim annihilates TV host with the truth

Take it from one who knows – this is what Islam is really about.

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The true side of the Israeli people CNN won’t let you see

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and the Jewish State can’t just stand idly by.

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Israeli-Arab Reporter Delivers SHOCKING Report While The UN Plans More Ways To Bash Israel

I agree with her a thousand percent! The moral hypocrisy of the UN know no bounds.

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Trump SHOCKS Audience With Plans For Iran, Israel

For the last 8 years, America’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been a mess. The madness must stop before it’s too late!

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