“You drink camel urine” Ex-muslim annihilates TV host with the truth

Take it from one who knows – this is what Islam is really about.

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The true side of the Israeli people CNN won’t let you see

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and the Jewish State can’t just stand idly by.

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Israeli-Arab Reporter Delivers SHOCKING Report While The UN Plans More Ways To Bash Israel

I agree with her a thousand percent! The moral hypocrisy of the UN know no bounds.

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Trump SHOCKS Audience With Plans For Iran, Israel

For the last 8 years, America’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been a mess. The madness must stop before it’s too late!

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What If Iran And Israel Went To War?

I’ll give you a hint – Iran doesn’t stand a chance…

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School Children Bombed in Syria. Imagine World Reaction if this was Gaza!

The hypocrisy of the world against Israel is the suffering of true victims of worldwide tragedies who might only receive headlines, but no help from the world.

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These Warring Arab Families Just Got Into A HUGE Fight In Israel!

I’ve seen road rage before, but this takes it to a whole new level…

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US Naval Ship Under Missile Fire From Iran Proxy in Middle East & US Responds!

U.S. military officials say that the destroyer U.S.S Mason has again come under missile fire from an area of Yemen controlled by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

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Keeping You Posted on The Bad Iran Deal

It’s so simple even Obama can understand it.

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