Hamas Thugs Beat Gaza Citizens

Hamas destroyed Gaza houses in order to widen the main road. The Gaza citizens protested and were savagely attacked by Hamas.

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If you think Iran wants peace, just look at Syria and North Korea

When leaders say they want to destroy someone, they mean it.

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Shiites vs. Sunnis

What’s REALLY going on!

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Shocking Testimony Shows UN Muslim Aid Workers’ True Colors

Yazidis “trapped and doomed to die”
Rebel Media
Rebel Media

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New Viceland film explores the extremism Pakistani women face

Watch the trailer for a new film by Viceland called Pakistan: On the Frontlines – WOMAN.

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The forgotten refugees of the Middle East your history professor will never tell you about

Why aren’t the millions of Jews expelled from Arab lands given any attention?

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The most comprehensive video ever on why Israel must have defensible borders

Do you really know what will happen if Israel withdraws from more of its territory?

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When they say that ‘Israel is a light unto the nations’, this is what they mean…

Next door to the war raging in Syria, Israeli doctors are showing the true character of Israel!

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The Video Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

If we don’t learn from history, we are bound to repeat it.

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