Canadian PM SHOCKED the world when he said THIS about Israel

He will be known forever as a Hero of Morality and Israel

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Today is the Day we Name our Enemy and Retake Our Future

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West’s message to all those still interested in standing for freedom!

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When Oxford declared Islam a ‘religion of peace’, she knew just how to respond

Time to throw the PC talk in garbage and get straight to the facts. (Graphic Warning)

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The Dirty Little Secret Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

If you don’t think Obama’s policies are killing Americans, then you better watch this…

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Netanyahu Shocked the UN With This Revelation. Don’t Say we Didn’t Warn You.

For all those who think Israel is just going to stand idly by while Obama threatens our future…

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What Bibi Netanyahu just revealed proves Israel has a bright future

For all those who think Israel is facing ‘Isolation’…. THINK AGAIN!

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