Bibi Netanyahu’s off-Script Remarks are Inspiring People Everywhere

Bibi’s heartfelt speech that will make you love being Israeli (or wish you were).

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Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jewish People. Here are the facts.

What Muslims don’t want you to know about the Temple Mount. The truth hurts.

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Canadian PM SHOCKED the world when he said THIS about Israel

He will be known forever as a Hero of Morality and Israel

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Today is the Day we Name our Enemy and Retake Our Future

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West’s message to all those still interested in standing for freedom!

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When Oxford declared Islam a ‘religion of peace’, she knew just how to respond

Time to throw the PC talk in garbage and get straight to the facts. (Graphic Warning)

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The Dirty Little Secret Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

If you don’t think Obama’s policies are killing Americans, then you better watch this…

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