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Wednesday 22 October 2014

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japan meets jerusalem

Jerusalem Meets Japan

See what else they have in common apart from starting with the letter J.

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Netanyahu Furious over Jerusalem Anarchy, Demands Crackdown

Video shot recently by residents of Armon Hanatziv, showing them being attacked brazenly by Arab youths who appeared to control the streets, and who were hurling rocks at


Look at those Cars Driving in Jerusalem!

holy places jerusalem

The Holiest Place Mixed With The Most Beautiful Tune – See The Result!

formula 1 jerusalem 2014

Driving On The Streets Of Jerusalem Like You’ve Never Seen Before


One of The Greatest Tours of Jerusalem you Will Ever See

This video will really help you connect to Jerusalem, especially to the ancient Jewish sites. It helps you really understand Eastern Jerusalem

david and golliath2

The Story of David and Goliath Is Not Just A Story – It REALLY Happened!

"I can't ignore the biblical text and I cannot ignore archeology," says Professor Yosef Garfinkle. Proof of life and events just as


Has the Ark of the Covenant been discovered?


If this Video Doesn’t give you the Goosebumps, Nothing Will

"At the crossroads of history... is a place once believed to be the center of the world..." This gives you a taste

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.06.44 PM

The Blueprints of the Third Temple… Revealed!!! (3-D/HD)

October 19, 2014Seeing Israel from a completely different angle.
islam radical
October 18, 2014Beware what your kids are being taught
October 17, 2014Pollywood in action - and the world bought every word of it.
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.48.02 PM
October 17, 2014The truth is out.

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