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The Only Place On Earth That Is Always Waiting To Listen

The Western Wall – the place that people flock to to speak to God

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Once Again Jerusalem Is Making Kids Happy

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The People Of Jerusalem Stand Up For Their Rights


The Greatest Interview on Jerusalem You Will Ever See


What a heart-warming video!!! EXPERIENCE the power of the Shema Yisroel Prayer!


Arabs Gather on Temple Mount to Celebrate Rocket Strikes

Celebrations in Yafo

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FINALLY! Israel Officially Calling For Third Temple to Replace al-Aqsa Mosque!

It is only a matter of time now. The Israel Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel on Friday expressed his wish to see


The Two Rabbis That are Taking Over Jerusalem


Jewish Orthodox Wedding in Jerusalem Sees Incredible Performance


Arab Palestinians Have Begged Youtube to Remove This Video

Simple facts. This information is so basic that it seems to have deluded the Palistinians. People do not desecrate that which

July 18, 2014Unlike any other army in the world...
July 17, 2014The single most important, and informative video of the entire Gaza operation.
July 15, 2014A shocking plea from an Egyptian Physician.
July 13, 2014The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. But, in reality, it's very, very simple.
July 11, 2014Where is the REAL Apartheid in the Middle East?

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