MIRACLE! For The First Time Ever, Listen As A High Priest Enters The Holy Of Holies

Archaeologists find High Priest golden bells from the Temple in Jerusalem!

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bible true 2

The Bible is True. See It For Yourselves!

This is proof you can’t argue with!

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Experience The Jerusalem Miracle Today With IDF Heroes!

50 years ago, they liberated Judaism’s most holy site. You weren’t there when it happened? Join with them now!

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This Video Left me Glued to the Screen!!

Absolutely Fascinating discovery of the center of the world.

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The Jewish people are reclaiming Jerusalem. See it for yourself.

Finally jews are fighting back for the lands they were so forcefully expelled from.

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King Solomon’s Wall Discovered!

See the text of the Bible being discovered right here in Jerusalem!

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The truth about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump has the power to correct one of the greatest historical injustices.

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Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jewish People. Here are the facts.

What Muslims don’t want you to know about the Temple Mount. The truth hurts.

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