How Could We Let Them Do THIS on The Temple Mount!?!?!

The Mystery of the Waqf’s drilling into pavement on the temple mount has been solved

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Mordechai Kedar shuts down Al-Jazeera with the truth about The Temple Mount

The Jewish professor who understands Islam more then Muslims do…

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The Last Hideout of Jerusalem’s Destruction

City of David reveals chilling proof of events that unfolded right after the destruction of the temple.

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Rare ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse Over Israel

First total eclipse, combined with unusually large moon, since 1982; won’t recur for 18 years.

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Jerusalem flashmob

The Jerusalem Flashmob You Have To See

Just a few weeks ago THIS happened in the old train station in Jerusalem!

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bible true 2

The Bible is True. See It For Yourselves!

This is proof you can’t argue with!

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The Buried Secrets of the Temple Mount Recently Revealed

These Biblical treasures could have been lost forever…

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