You have to see what was just uncovered in Jerusalem!

Incredible archaeological discovery brings Bible to life.

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tayelet play

A Response to Terror!

If this trip sounds interesting to you click here to download the itinerary and contact our tour company with any and all questions you might have to help you decide on joining us for this amazing trip: – Peter Abelow, Keshet’s Vice President [email protected] – Trip Coordinator: Aviyah Jacobsen [email protected] You can also call them […]

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The Story of the Temple that Must be Told!!!

We are at war with the UN. Making a film about Temple Mount is the best way to spread the Truth !

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One of the most incredible videos ever created on Jerusalem

This isn’t just a video. It’s an experience like you’ve never seen before.

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The Discovery in Jerusalem That Proved The Fact- Jerusalem Belongs To The Jews!

No matter how hard they try – they can’t change the history of this place!

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Gods Holy Messengers Have Arrived At The Western Wall

Watch the birds of peace that rest on the stones of the Western Wall.

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Why splitting Jerusalem would be the worst idea ever

What would splitting Jerusalem really mean for Arabs, Jews and Christians living there today?

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Creating The Ark of the Covenant

Watch and Live through the creation of the ark. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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