Ron Dermer’s powerful message to all Christians who stand with Israel

Israel’s ambassador to the US wants you to be a part of a miracle.

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Rare ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse Over Israel

First total eclipse, combined with unusually large moon, since 1982; won’t recur for 18 years.

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lag baomer

A Drone Flew Over Jerusalem On The Fieriest Night of the Year [4K]

You can almost feel the bonfires and sense of spirituality.

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Just Like The Bible Says, We Will Unite In Jerusalem

It was only a dream 70 years ago. Today it is unity.

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This is How Arab Youth Treat Jews in The Capital of Israel

Scenes like this remind me of Germany not Jerusalem.

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Israel’s Newest Politician Is a Living Miracle

An Arab terrorist shot him 4 times at close range. Doctors gave him a 5 percent chance of survival. Here is his miraculous story.

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bible true 2

The Bible is True. See It For Yourselves!

This is proof you can’t argue with!

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The 13 indisputable facts about Jerusalem you probably should know

Islam as been distorting history for years. Spread the truth.

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