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Temple Mount Virtual Tour!!! Don’t Miss!

You have never seen the Temple Mount like this before!

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This Video Left me Glued to the Screen!!

Absolutely Fascinating discovery of the center of the world.

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Creating The Ark of the Covenant

Watch and Live through the creation of the ark. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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Thousands Year Old Mystery Solved by Amazing Discovery in Jerusalem’s City of David

One of the ‘great archaeological riddles in the history of Jerusalem’ has just been solved.

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The Story of ‘the Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East’

A terrorist tried to silence him forever. Then a miracle happened.

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In The Next 5 Years, Jerusalem Will Change Dramatically

Mayor Nir Barkat has some big and bold plans for the City of Gold.

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Apartheid on the Temple Mount Explained

This is what the current “status quo” looks like.

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Waqf bans ‘Religious Christians’ from Temple Mount

Danish pro-Israel activist ‘Jerusalem Jane’ records being kicked off Mount by Waqf guard who ‘waited two months’ to harass her.

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The Time to Rebuild the Jewish Temple is upon us!

The desire to build the Israeli House of God is alive and well!

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al-aqsa lie

The ‘Al-Aksa in Danger’ Lie Explained

Contrary to popular Islamic belief, this is not happening!

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