King Solomon’s Wall Discovered!

See the text of the Bible being discovered right here in Jerusalem!

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This Video Left me Glued to the Screen!!

Absolutely Fascinating discovery of the center of the world.

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Temple Mount Police Attacked by Muslim Mob

The security situation on the Temple Mount continues to spiral out of control, as physical attacks by Muslims, including employees of the Jordanian run Muslim Waqf , against Jewish worshipers, tourists, and the Israel police, are being perpetrated on a daily basis.

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molly VOI

Spectacular Footage of the Vibrant Israeli Culture

This shows you the whole gamut of Israeli culture with the most beautiful footage.

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Waqf Guard Arrested for Attacking Police on Temple Mount

Border Police breaks out pepper spray to capture Waqf member who tried to get Arab rioters on the Mount, in rare anti-Waqf law enforcement.

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Vanessa Williams Discovers the City of David

Because everyone needs to discover it for themselves.

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This is How Arab Youth Treat Jews in The Capital of Israel

Scenes like this remind me of Germany not Jerusalem.

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Mysterious Ancient Message Found on Ritual Bath From Second Temple Period

Second Temple period ritual bath found during construction of kindergarten, with highly ‘significant’ wall paintings of Temple artifact.

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Christian Man Attacked on Temple Mount for Waving Israeli Flag

Man identified as a French tourist attacked by Muslims for carrying Israeli flag on Temple Mount; police detain victim.

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Exploring The Temple Mount and The Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem is alive with religious tradition and passion!

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