The Greatest Ally of Adolf Hitler That The World Tries To Ignore

A willing ally to the Nazis in the hope of annihilating the Jewish people!

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You Won’t Believe What Was Discovered In Jerusalem

The Jewish connection to the Jewish land is unbreakable.

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The story of the most heroic Jewish Americans of World War II

The men and women who fought for their nation and their people and won!

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Why Jews Will Never Believe in Jesus (In One Minute)

Ever wonder why the Jews rejected Jesus? Now you know.

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noahs ark 2

Proof of Noah’s Ark Found

The answer has been found and the flood proven!

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LIVE Broadcast: Knesset Conference for Reconnection with the Bnei Anusim

History in the making: The first Knesset conference on reconnecting with the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews. Tune in live.

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New Documentary Reveals The Secret Jews of Ethiopia

Jews of Kechene, Ethiopia pretending to be Christians as they secretly practice Judaism in hidden synagogues.

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