This Is What God Wants From His People At Rosh Hashana

We need to prove ourselves at the right prospects for the job.

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Amazing Video About Sukkot – For Kids!

What’s Sukkot all about? Why do we build a Sukkah and shake the Lulav? Learn about Sukkot with Rebbetzin Tap!

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All About Yom Kippur – For Kids!

What’s Yom Kippur all about? Why do we not eat and drink? Learn about Yom Kippur with Rebbetzin Tap!

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Rosh Hashanah – Power of the Pomegranate!

What can we learn from the pomegranate? Watch and find out!

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Amazing Rosh Hashanah Video For Kids

Learn about Rosh Hashanah with Rebbetzin Tap. Why do we dip apples in honey? Why do we blow the shofar?

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