Monday 21 April 2014

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david ross

This sensational Rabbi is singing an awesome familiar tune!

Check this Rabbi out! AMAZING VOICE!

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I Think This is The Best Use of Hava Nagila EVER!


Hotel California Has Never Sounded so Good

soul music zusha

These guys know the SECRET to Jew-Soul Music. You Gotta Hear This!

For all of you who are curious out there, the guy on the left is wearing Tefillin. Orthodox men wear Tefillin every morning

pre mozart


This is a beautiful and UNIQUE find! How often do you get to hear Jewish Classical music sung so beautifully.

talk yiddish to me

This precious parody is taking the Jewish world by STORM!

UNBELIEVABLE! The song "Talk Yiddish To Me" is so well done. Both the acting and lyrics. I can listen to this one all

hasidim africa

What you get when you mix Hasidim and an African tribal band

They are singing about the grand master and teacher Rabbi Nachman from Breslov. Amazing! Sounds


You Won’t Believe What These Orthodox Rabbis are Singing!

You'll have a hard time finding a more unlikely pair to sing Simon and Garfunkle than these two. The Get brothers are


They Stunned The Crowd with This Unbelievable Performance on Israel’s ‘The Voice’

eitan katz

Be Inspired! Hundreds Singing “For You…”!

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