Does The IDF Really Make Life Horrible For Arabs? Undercover Reporter Discovers The Truth!

No freedom of movement for Palestinians? No daily dignity for Palestinians? Brave reporter travels throughout the West Bank and uncovers the lies!

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The truth about the ‘Palestinians’ they didn’t want to get out…

5 minute crash course will help everyone get the facts straight.

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Corruption In The Middle East: What Arab Leaders Are Trying To Hide

Corruption. Crime. Exploitation. These are just a few of the ways in which the Palestinian government is continuing to wrong their people on a daily basis.

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Top 3 Reasons Fakestinian Leadership Not Interested In Peace

Check out what Israeli member of parliament Amir Ohana has to say!

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Get this man a job in the Trump administration ASAP!

Newt Gingrich just told the truth about “palestinians” – and they aren’t happy one bit.

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The Core of the Holy Land Conflict

His life was turned upside down after his father was killed by Arab terrorists. But no one could have predicted THIS!

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A “Palestinian Refugee” reveals the truth for all to hear

UNRWA is lying and here is someone who can finally expose the truth.

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