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The Crazy Muslim Tradition that Abuses Children

It is the religion of peace…. just not for babies.

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Could this be Why Obama Refuses to Declare a War on Radical Islam?

He may not be Muslim but he certainly has a tremendous amoung of reverence and respect for Islam and its holy book the


It is only a Matter of Time now Until all of Europe is Lost…


The Muslim Plan for Implementing Sharia Law in America Just Got Revealed

Well, why shouldn't they? Who's stopping them? There is something extremely unnerving about Moslems enforcing their "Sharia law" in democratic countries. When

The Muslim World is on Fire and US Muslim College Students are Complicit!

The Muslim World is on Fire and US Muslim College Students are Complicit!


Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity


The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See

Is Israel the Middle Eastern country with serious human rights issues? If you can watch this movie from beginning to end and


At least One Muslim is Telling the Truth…


Son of Hamas Founder Says ‘Allah’ of Koran is the Biggest Terrorist

Yes, Finally a Brave Muslim Speaks Out!

Yes, Finally a Brave Muslim Speaks Out!

November 11, 2014He has no idea who he was messing with...
November 10, 2014It is the religion of peace.... just not for babies.
November 6, 2014'I Want To See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe'
November 6, 2014Where is the REAL Apartheid in the Middle East?

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