Thursday 24 April 2014

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The Ultimate Arab Mistake! Hear Abbas Admit it Himself!

The Ultimate Arab Mistake! Hear Abbas Admit it Himself!

It is stated 30 times in UN resolution 181 that Israel is a Jewish State!

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Why are Jews Attacking Israel

Why are Jews Attacking Israel?


He Won An Academy Award And Three Golden Globe Awards… But THIS Is His Best…

'Just read the writing on the wall..." Yes it's all there in the bible. John Voight talks about his life views


A few moments that will CHANGE what you know of LIFE IN ISRAEL

) It is a scary reality. Also, this video was made before 60 rockets (!!!!!!!!) were fired on Israel JUST TODAY! How does anyone

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Golda Meir Was Such A Pillar For This Country. THIS Is What She Has To Say

car hit

Even when the world criticizes us, we stand up for ourselves.

Why does the world want us to just let them throw rocks at our cars?! This doesn't make sense. This driver has some


Barak Obama is Trying to Ethinicly Clense The Jews from Judea

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NO. WAY… He Did Not Just Say That On Live T.V.!!

south africa israel apartheid

South African leader’s wife – There is NO Apartheid in Israel!!!

irs obama

Barack Obama’s Family Connection to Terrorism

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