Wednesday 01 October 2014

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In 3 minutes, this Late Night host hilariously sums up the Middle East ISIS disaster

Obama’s press secretary is struggling to respond to this one..

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This Is BEYOND Hilarious! What A SIGHT!

Well, chassidim dancing to the tune of "YYY M C A" is not something you'll see every day. Enjoy this great clip


HAHAHA! I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! These People Are Hilariously Amazing!

Enjoy Toccata and Fuge in D minor by Bach, I Get Around by The Beach boys, Holiday by Madonna, Sweet Dreams with

one day twist

‘One Day’ With One HILARIOUS Twist


This is Why Jewish Iranian Weddings are the Funnest Weddings You Will Ever See

jackie mason husbnd

The Ultimate Jewish Comedian Knocks One Out Of The Park


Her Son Was Murdered. See This Mother’s Incredible Strength.

Jay Leno in Israel

The Most Laugh-Out-Loud HILARIOUS Comedy on Israel TODAY

Former "Tonight Show" host, John Leno, is absolutely hilarious at this very special ceremony awarding the Genisis Prize of one million dollars to


When Jewish Food is Served to a Bunch of Non-Jews Things Get Intresting

If you've never experienced it - Jewish food can be interesting... Could it be that Jews were born with different taste buds?

jewish food

If You Put Gefilte Fish In Your Mouth For The First Time… THIS Would Be Your Reaction

September 29, 2014This heckler had no idea what he was getting in to....
September 23, 2014Prime Minister Netanyahu offered her a job immediately after seeing this!
September 23, 2014This is the radical Islam the world is up against. Israel is on the front lines.
This is What the Muslims Want!
September 19, 2014Why do you think they are populating Paris, London and other Western cities?

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