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Thursday 23 October 2014

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Sparks of Jewish Faith at the sight of Muslim Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Sparks of Jewish Faith at the sight of Muslim Terror Attack in Jerusalem

This is how Jews respond to tragedy, with a message of moving forward, hope and belief, that we will prevail as a nation!

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dude its Shabbat

If Your Rabbi Calls You On Shabbat… WHAT DO YOU DO?

bill cosby Noah

This Has Got To Be One Of BILL COSBY’S Greatest Young Routines

train security

Radical Islam under arrest

They attack women and children, but when caught they cry like

sick kid

See What Is Done For Just One Sick Kid


Hamas Kindergarten graduation ceremony

US taxpayers money funds these

silent debate

The Hilariously Misunderstood Jewish vs Christian Silent Debate


Just When You Thought It MIGHT Be Racist To Say The Palestinian People Didn’t Exist…

What? No such thing as Palestinians? Then what have they been fighting for all these years? Doesn't PLO stand for

british supporter isis

British ISIS supporter: We Can Start Having Slave Girls Again

Keep your daughters away from this

i fink u jewish

See What It Means To Be Jewish

islam radical
October 23, 2014Beware what your kids are being taught
October 17, 2014Pollywood in action - and the world bought every word of it.
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.48.02 PM
October 17, 2014The truth is out.

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