40 Years Ago Reagan Warned Us About The Obama Administration

America – Reagan predicted the atrocities and downfall of your nation 40 years ago…

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The Soros’s Formula for Killing America

If you wonder why American culture has experienced such rapid moral decline, the video will be eye-opening!

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Trump Rips Obama’s Treatment of Israel

“We’re not taking care of them.”

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Brigitte Gabriel’s Urgent Election Message

Everyone who voted in the election will want to hear this…

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greta van susteren

This Is What Happens When A News Anchor Goes Off The Record!

According to Greta, Obama has some explaining to do…

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The left’s strategy to shut down your free speech

The most intolerant people are generally the ones who attempt to shame others as intolerant.

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Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief Absolutely Destroys a CNN Anchor!

Donald Trump is pointing out what we in Israel have known about the media for a long time.

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Ezra Levant reveals the one single fact about Israel the world refuses to accept

Time to move on and focus on things that are far more important…

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Netanyahu Has a Message For the American People that Obama Completely Ignored

The Former President of the United States hopes that you don’t see this.

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