Israeli MK Yoav Kisch Thanks Mike Huckabee

An update on the dangerous moves of Obama as a lame duck President.

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The Greatest Fox News Interview About Israel I Have Seen In A Long Time

They have many great interviews, but this one tops them all in my book.

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These YouTube Stars Support Israel And Nothing Obama Can Do Will Stop Them!

Most people would be afraid of saying this, make sure to see it before it’s taken down

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A “Judenrein” Jerusalem? New Zealand’s Shame

A New Zealander responds to UNSC Resolution 2334.

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The Newest Israeli Comedy Show That’s Taking The Wold By Storm!!

Do you feel that Israeli apartheid week is hypocritical?
Do you feel the BDS movements are driven by a hidden agenda?
Do you feel the world media’s coverage of Israel is unfair?
So do we!

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