This is What Being a Light Unto the Nations Really Means

This is what a Jewish State has brought to the world. What would a “Palestinian” State bring to the world?

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Israel is Starting a Medical Revolution and it is Changing Surgery Forever!

Israel’s first ever “SMART Surgery” has just been successfully performed!

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Thanks to Israel, Traveling Will Never be the Same

Finally a suitcase that literally does everything.

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Unbelievable Secret Israeli Weapon Recently EXPOSED

Thanks to Israel, terrorist will have no where left to hide.

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Thanks to Israel, Africa Will Never be the Same

Israel is such a light unto the nations – spread this far and wide!

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Israeli Robots Display Cutting Edge Techniques

These would be very useful in disarming bombs or gather intel on terrorists

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US Border Applies Israeli Tech To Catch Illegal Aliens

Countless terrorists have attempted to sneak into Israel. Using its vast experience and technological advances, Israel has developed cutting edge technology to stop border threats.

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