MOB Of angry Muslims ravage through US neighborhood threatening to rape women

Minneapolis police investigating “terror threats” made near Lake Calhoun.

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PM Netanyahu: “This video shook me to the core of my being.”

Bibi was just shocked to his very core and this is why…

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Islamic Terrorist sets little girl on fire cause she wore Lipstick

11-year-old can barely speak, she has 99% of her small body burned…

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The Truth About The Paris Conference: Whose Side Are They Really On?

As long as arabs murder Jews, they demonstrate that they choose violence over peace. This conference makes fools of everyone who participated!

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What do Muslim terrorists really want?

This is a clash of civilizations and it is about time we acknowledge that.

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There is no such thing as a lone wolf terrorist and this is why

The media created a lie so that no one would have to believe the truth.

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Netanyahu Tells The World What’s Going To Happen Now

4 more people murdered, we cannot let this happen again!

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Evil Islamic Terrorist Kills 4 Innocent Israelis In Horrific Jerusalem Attack

This is more proof that Obama’s foreign policy for Israel will FAIL! When will Obama stop siding with barbaric islamic terrorists?

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CCTV captures horrific terror truck attack in Jerusalem (disturbing footage)

Terror wave continues as truck rams into pedestrians in Jerusalem killing at least 4.

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Shocking testimonials about how HAMAS Treats its Own

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs…..

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