Look what the ‘Palestinian’ people do to their kids!

This is “regular” PA TV we are talking about!

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VIDEO: “Allahu Akbar, Europe is ours!”

This is happening every day for well over a year.

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The Truth About Border Control That Leftists Don’t Want You To See

Many countries already use tough border control methods. Why should the US voluntarily open itself to terrorists?

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marine (1)

After 44 Million People Saw His Courageous Video, The Marine Was Told To Do THIS

Liberals, wake up! If you don’t trust Trump, then at least see what happened to an American in Iraq.

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ISIS Unleashes Rockets on Israel

Eilat hit with major rocket attack. Iron dome deployed.

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pt pigua

Terrorist Attack in the Open Market in Petah Tikva, Israel

A shooting and stabbing attack wounded seven in the Israeli city of Petach Tikvah.

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ISIS Leader Promises to Turn Israel in to a ‘Graveyard’ in New Recording

Newly released audio tape believed to be from ISIS threatens Israel.

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paris (1)

This Proves It – We Need Tougher Border Control!!

You’ll never guess where the suspect came from…

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