SHOCKING: Arabs Film Themselves As They Try To Kill Jews

These guys want to kill – its time to stop them!!!

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Fury as terrorist given British passport and granted UK citizenship

A judge expressed her surprise at the Home Office giving a terrorist a UK passport just days before he tried to travel to the Middle East, it has emerged.

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ISIS father-daughter workout shocks the internet

This is what ISIS calls the ideal family dynamic…

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Don’t stop sharing this until every Mother has seen it!

Shocking video of a Hamas Mother whose son is being treated in Israel.

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isis hostage

You Will Be Shocked By What This Child, Who Was Captured By ISIS, Is Saying!

When you hear what he has to say you will ask yourself, did I hear right?

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Terrorist attempts to ram civilians at Gush Etzion junction

Female terrorist smashes into barrier, preventing serious casualties.

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A two year investigation reveals media lies in Gaza like never before

Finally the truth revealed for all to see. (Explosive trailer)

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Gaza could have been another Dubai, but…

Ezra Levant and Rebel team on assignment in Israel.

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