Chazzan Shim Craimer releases musical masterpiece

Sometimes you come across an artist and a song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is one of those videos, a truly beautiful spiritual voice with such wonderful inspiring words.

This song can be understood from many angles. But, the main point is the centrality of the Creator in everything that goes on in our lives.
The life we live seems to sometimes not have any rhyme or reason. However, if one stops and ponders the world around them, then the existence of a Higher Hand becomes crystal clear, and will lead a person to call out to the One Above for some help, healing, and comfort.

This is a musical masterpiece.


The sun arrives so early yet
My eyes are wide awake
I’m thinking how the world
Is such a crazy place
But then a calm serenity
Takes over from the pain
I realize that nothing is in vain

Save me
Oh you heal me
Will you comfort me
Forever more

Lookin back through all the years
I’ve tried to understand
How everything life throws at you
Comes with a plan
You need to take a breath and find
How human one can be
Just look around at what you’ve got
And see

Save me
Oh you heal me
Will you comfort me
Forever more

Published: April 29, 2017
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