Clips of Turkish Soldiers Massacring Kurds

The Middle East is a brutal region. This is so sad to see and extremely graphic.

The Middle East is a dangerous place. It is very hard to say who the good guys are and who the bad guys are because the winners massacre the losers. It is despicable and sick. Yet, this is the reality of the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the real picture of the Middle East is hardly given airtime in Western media. The region is complex, yet simple. Complex because it is hard to pinpoint who the good guy is and the bad guy is. It all depends on the interests of Western countries. It is a region filled with 1,300 years of inter-Muslim wars and massacres where minorities are also persecuted by the Muslims. Yet, it is simple, because it is an area where the law of the land is power, and the winner massacres the loser, regardless of who the winner or loser is.

Right now, Turkish leader Erdogan is massacring the Kurds, the Iranian Shiite allies in Eastern Syria. It is brutal, it is ugly and it is extremely sad to see.

The most important lesson for us is for people to wake up to the reality of the Middle East region and see why Israel must be as strong as possible in order to defend itself. Israel does not have the luxury to lose any war. If we lose a war, Jewish men, women and children will be massacred in the streets, as the Kurds are being massacred right now by the Turks. While Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims hate each other and massacre each other, when it comes to the Jews and Israel, they join together to destroy us.

Thankfully Israel is in a position today where the Sunni countries look towards Isreal to help beat Shiite Iran, but one day that too will change. Just a few decades ago, Iran was an ally to Israel in standing up against the Sunni Muslim world.

The region is complex, yet we must never forget the one simple lesson of the region, power and the massacre that comes after losing to Muslims.

It is a miracle that Israel has won all the wars, and Israel is a miraculous country that is thriving as a world economic and military power in a region of 1,300 years of war and violence that threatens to destroy Israel each and every day. This is something we can never take for granted. We must be thankful. We must appreciate the safety we have in Israel, despite the threats that surround us. And we must never forget to always be as prepared and strong as possible to defend ourselves from our enemies around us.

Published: October 20, 2019
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