Danny Danon of the Likud calls on PM Netanyahu to remove Defense Minister Ehud Barak

Likud Member Danny Danon called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remove Defence Minister Ehud Barak from his position. He said to Israel National News that “it is about time that we have a Defence Minister that will follow the guidelines of the government.”

He was speaking in Homesh, with thousands of supporters who came to Homesh to express to the government that it is time for Israel to erase the disgrace of removing Jews from their homes in the heart of the Land of Israel.

Homesh was one of the small Jewish towns that was destroyed, and it’s young families were forcibly evicted along with Gush Katif, during the disengagement plan of 2005. There has been a steady stream of Jews going back up to Homesh over the last few years. There is even a makeshift Yeshiva that spends their days learning in Homesh – despite not having basic living conditions – such as a building, plumbing, or food.

Published: April 12, 2012
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