Dave Rubin just destroyed the left with a MAJOR history lesson!

Dave Rubin understands well that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. In this interview, he jumps right to the core of the issue. He clearly states that every year the Jewish People end their Passover Seder with “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Rubin used to be a leftist. And then he “left” that. He understood the facts and what the left was all about regarding EVERYTHING. He had enough and decided to leave that behind.

In this video, he’s addressing the hot topic of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. He obviously feels Jerusalem is the capital because factually, that’s the truth. He says, “You’ve got the Western Wall under the Dome of the Rock, which is the Temple Mount because there was a Temple there before there was a mosque there. For all the people that wondered who was there first…or any of that kind of nonsense.”

And so Rubin is giving the left a little history lesson about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Not only that, but he also highlights the point that the world doesn’t want any other city to be divided (like Berlin) ASIDE from Jerusalem.

“Every other nation on Earth gets to say what its capital is. So again, if you say that Israel is the one nation that can’t pick where its capital is – yeah – that might mean you have a little something with Jews that you gotta work out.” Well said!

Rubin also commends President Trump’s strategic move of taking Jerusalem off the table. He felt it should have been off the table to begin with. Rubin applauds Trump’s decision to stop giving the PA the money that goes directly to paying terrorists to kill Jewish people.

As Dave Rubin says, “The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. There was never a nation of ‘Palestine’ and there certainly was never any other nation that had Jerusalem as its capital.” Thank you, Mr. Rubin, for understanding what the world seems to be confused about.

Published: February 12, 2018
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