David Horowitz on the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts” (Brooklyn College)

On March 10, 2011, David Horowitz spoke at Brooklyn College. Yosef Sobol, a brave undergrad at Brooklyn College, invited Horowitz to speak on the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict : Myths and Facts”.

NOTE: there is a slight buzz in the audio (that comes and goes) because the microphone was near florescent lights.

You can read the text of the speech here: http://www.ruthfullyyours.com/2011/03/12/david-horowitz-its-time-for-the-jews-to-stand-up-for-themselves/

As for the event: This event was nearly aborted by a lack of support from the Jewish organizations and faculty at Brooklyn College that was intended to coincide with the annual Hate-Jews Week (aka ” Israel-Apartheid Week ) Horowitz was invited to present the other side of the story thereby giving the students an opportunity to think for themselves. Cries of racist by the usual anarchists, who hoped to shut down free-speech, required extra security but their protest came off with a whimper instead of a bang. Other than a few rude outbursts during the 90 minute presentation, it all went fairly smoothly. There was a predictable melt-down that brought the Q and A to an end but even so, David Horowitz, Josef Sobel (the student leader who invited Horowitz to speak)) and Mitchel Langbert ( the faculty advisor whose presence made the event possible) succeeded in chipping away at the Palestinian Myths and Lies put forth as “Facts”. Based on their reactions, the anarchists left committed to their ignorant delusions.Think for themselves? Nope. Not interested.

Videographer: Pamela Hall -VSB

Published: March 13, 2011
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