Dennis Prager deals with the issue of the afterlife head on

Dennis Prager became a well-known author when one of his first books, “The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism,” became an international best-seller.

The mystery of the after-life is certainly a mystery that will stay with humanity for as long as the world exists.

Dennis Prager is never scared of dealing with the most difficult issues.

It would seem to me that in this excellent video presentation, he argues very well that the idea of NOT believing in an afterlife poses more questions than it does pose solutions.

His statement that “if there is a God, then there is an afterlife” is a very riveting statement, and I think it passes the test of logic as he explains so well.

But, I think that the most powerful proof of an afterlife, that he did not mention, is the proof that the entire Jewish faith is based on – namely, the proof that there is a God in this world.

This will sound – well – yes, rather Biblical.

The reason that we ought to believe in an afterlife is because there were millions – yes millions – of Jewish people who all were witnesses to:

1. God’s deliverance of them from the bondage of Egypt

2. God’s providing of them with sustenance from the Heavens in the wilderness

3. God’s speaking to them at Mt. Sinai

The key point here is not exactly what God did or did not do for His Chosen People.

The essential point is that this was observed and witnessed by millions of people – the entire Jewish nation.

You can fool a few people, and you can even fool an entire room full of people. Perhaps even an entire building or city.

But, you can’t fool millions of people.

This is the basis of the Jewish faith, and this has been passed down for 120-130 generations – not more than that.

These wondrous miracles occurred around 3-3,500 years ago.

Divide that number by 30 (the average age of a generation), and you’ll see the amazing fact that this has not been passed down a thousand times.

Over a span of just 120 – 130 generations, while millions of people have stayed connected to the Jewish tenets of faith and passed these ideas down, these ideas have held steadfast.

So, yes, God exists. He performed miracles for The Chosen People and handed them the Bible at Mt. Sinai.

That is why we know that He exists, and therefore there must be an afterlife.

Published: February 4, 2018
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