Dennis Prager’s brilliant analysis on why the far left opposes Israel

It’s not about logic. It’s about being on the side of the underdog. But, this moral compass that measures weak and strong – and not via the good and evil measuring stick is – yes – wrong.

There is wrong in this world. Sometimes it is so obvious that some actions are wrong, but when it comes to Israel and the Middle East, this still needs to be spelled out.

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Dennis Prager has a unique manner of explaining basic moral issues – that are very basic to a Judeo-Christian or moral way of life – in very simple terms.
He brings the single most important aspect into the equation – God.

Once God is in the equation – there is right and wrong. Once there is right and wrong, then there is room for a substantive discussion. Otherwise, without God, anyone can basically decide that anyone is right and anyone is wrong – no matter what the issue.

Published: January 31, 2017
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