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A nuclear Iran is a danger to the State of Israel, the Middle East, the West, and the United States of America. Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution that overthrew the pro-West, pro-Israel regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran has been a danger to the world. It was attacked by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 1980 that led to the Iran-Iraq war that lasted for eight years. Throughout this time, however, the Iranian authorities stated out rhetoric against the USA and the UK. Between the American Embassy siege in Tehran during the revolution to the Iranian Embassy Siege in London in 1980, Iran established its credentials as a West-hater and a virulent enemy of Israel.

The Iranian regime has been speaking about nuclear weapons since they came to power, but the history of nuclear power in Iran starts in the 1950s with the US helping to develop peaceful nuclear power under the Atoms for Peace program. The intention of this program was to provide countries with nuclear power in order to prevent those countries developing weapons themselves. It also enabled the US to develop its nuclear weapons and distribute them, under their own control, in friendly countries.

Surreptitiously, Iran, under the Shah, had been developing nuclear weapons and it was Ayatollah Khomeini who stopped this program and declared it haram (forbidden) under Islamic law and that these weapons were unethical and went against Islamic jurisprudence. However, in 1980 Iranian authorities decided to continue with their nuclear program. In the 1990s Russia began helping Iran and eventually, in 2011 the first reactor went live at Bushehr. Throughout this time, Iran has been saying it, and any other country, has a right to peaceful nuclear power. The difference, however, between Iran and any other country, including North Korea, is that Iran has been continuously threatening to wipe another country and UN member off the map, and that is Israel.

In his speech to Congress, Netanyahu said that in “A region where small skirmishes can trigger big wars would turn into a nuclear tinderbox.” And Iran is the only country who appears to be actively pursuing nuclear weapons. The problem is that, not only will Iran be more than willing to use them, but other countries, such as Saudi Arabia will want them. Additionally, Iran is likely to provide the weapons to terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah who also want to destroy Israel and the US.

Whatever deal is reached, if it allows Iran to have nuclear power, is a bad deal. It is a bad deal for the US, a bad deal for Israel, a bad deal for the Middle East, and a bad deal for the World. Once Iran has nuclear weapons, they are unlikely to join any of the organisations or treaties, such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This means, that not only will Iran be nuclear, but it is able to provide regimes such as North Korea with weapons.

Netanyahu also said that “If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country.” A normal country does not threaten another country, does not support terrorist organisations, does not suppress its citizens, and lastly, enters into negotiations and treaties without pre-conditions and threats. Iran needs to prove that it can be trusted in the eyes of the world and open all its nuclear installations up for inspection, and then, and only then, can negotiations be entered and any restrictions lifted.

Published: December 6, 2015
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