The epic moment 2 British MPs COMPLETELY crushed the PA!

These UK MPs have no shame in criticizing the PA and all the incitement perpetrated by the terrorist government. It really doesn’t take a genius to understand what the PA is doing and has always done. Their goal is obvious. Why is it so hard for more government officials all over the world to condemn the PA?

Teach Them When They are Young

Joan Ryan and Louise Ellman, both Labour Party MPs, strongly condemn the incitement that the “Palestinian” Authority is guilty of. The PA specifically targets young children to brainwash them starting at a young age. In schools, their curriculum is not similar to regular education – at all. Ryan points out a math exercise that these children are asked to complete: “Calculate the number of martyrs in ‘Palestinian’ uprisings.” Is that the type of education that is taught by a people who want peace?

Joan Ryan continues to point out examples of the PAs constant incitement, including on children’s programs on official PA TV.

Rocks and Stones

Both Ryan and Ellman address the issue of rock throwing, which has killed innocent people. The PA euphemistically calls the rocks “stones.”  This completely ignores the lives destroyed from the rocks hurled at driving cars.

Children and babies were killed because of these so called innocent “stones.” Fatah even posted a picture to its twitter account of a boy throwing rocks using a slingshot. But it gets worse.  A guide came along aside the photo with directions on how to throw a rock in the best way. They do not hide the incitement – it is apparent for all the world to see!

Louise Ellman takes the legal road as well and says, “The ‘Palestinian’ Authority is inciting young people to hate and kill as is happening on the West Bank today. Indeed such incitement is specifically in breach of the Geneva Conventions, which specifically prohibits the recruitment and involvement of children in terrorist activities.”

So, what other proof do you need that the PA does NOT want peace?

Published: February 18, 2018
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