European Muslims Want This Video Removed From Youtube

This is a very disturbing video because it represents a truth that few are willing to admit. What is happening in Europe parallels what has been happening in Israel. Islamic terror does not change over different geographic areas. And the indoctrination begins at a young age. In Belgium there are ten schools being funded and overseen by Saudi Arabia.

Islamic radicalization is not a recent issue for Europe. It’s been happeining since the first influx of Muslims into Europe in the 1970’s. But as the numbers multiply, radicalization of Europe’s Muslim poplulation is becoming a real threat; to the tune of 10 to 15 percent of the European Muslim population.

Europe, thus far, has continued to be tolerant of it’s extremist Muslim population, while it continues to condemn and castigate Israel. When will Europe wake up?

Published: March 11, 2016
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