Every Arab Country in The World Gave up Fighting Israel When This Guy Showed Up

Roy Elghanayan, a “Krav Maga” instructor for the IDF who now trains law enforcement and military personnel around the world in this special system of Israeli Self Defense and Tactical Shooting.
Krav Maga was created by Imre Lichtenfeld of Hungary in order to defend the Jewish community from the anti-Semitic rioting of the 1930’s. It combines boxing, Combat Sambo, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jujutsu, wrestling, Aikido and Grappling, along with realistic fight training. This special self defense method was later taught by Lichtenfeld to IDF soldiers. It is now taught and used around the world.
It is incredible that this important method of self defense, born out of dire need, has become a well-known and popular self defense method worldwide.

Published: February 15, 2017
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