Exploring the treasures of the Dead Sea

Noam Bedein, a talented story-telling photographer, notices unbelievable rock formations on the Northern Dead Sea.  But, they are in danger of disappearing.   The water shortages on the Dead Sea have led to an incredible landscape with magical views on the lowest place on Earth.

A World Heritage Site in Danger

This spot has been nominated as a World Heritage Site.  These newly uncovered salt treasures have created salt diamonds, pearls and chimneys. My personal favorite are the mosaic carpets.  But, these beautiful manifestations of nature are in danger of being dried out by the sun and disappearing.  The water level descends on a daily level due to evaporation and water that is pumped out.   Scientists say that by 20150, a small pool of salt will be left.  Will this unique part of the Holy Land be here for our grandchildren?

Let’s hope that this Godly creation will be preserved so that this aspect of the Land’s heritage will be experienced by future generations in the Land of Israel.

Lowest Place on Earth

The Dead Sea draws tourists from all over the world.  The unique location of the Dead Sea is a true one-of-a-kind wonder.  First off, it is indeed the lowest place on the planet.  Anybody who travels to the Dead Sea notices that they are driving down and down and down till they reach the exotic salt beaches.

Secondly, the water is so thick that a person floats in the water and simply does not sink.  But, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Dead Sea is the rich salt and mineral content.  Dead Sea creams, mud, and skin treatments are now massive exports.  There is simply nothing in the world that compares to it.

All of this is located less than one hour away from Jerusalem – on the eastern border of the State of Israel.


Published: March 20, 2017
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