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Only in Israel: A Million Simple Moments that Speak Volumes

What inspires me? THIS is what inspires me. #ThisIsIsrael

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Which country has more Nobel Prize Winners per capita than any other place in the world? Which country invented the USB & Smart-Phone Technology?
Which country has an Imam, a Priest, and a Rabbi walking into a bar – and it’s not a joke? Which country comes to a complete halt on Memorial Day to honor fallen soldiers? Which country has hundreds of thousands of people who have never visited it, yet still call it their home?

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Why a zionist fears the liberal left

Why a zionist fears the liberal left

Too perfect.

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“Look what Israel is doing,” says the UN. All the UN does is point to Israel and shout “occupation!” What about the rest of the Arab world? Not only do they not shout “human rights abusers,” but they remain silent. All you can hear is complete and utter silence. Aaron Balshan decided to explain to the liberal left why he fears them. He uses a poetic style to slam their ridiculous accusations against Israel.

Real Occupations

Balshan goes on to list REAL occupations that are destroying people. He names countries, gives numbers. But does the world notice? Do they care? He says, “Every UN resolution is talking about me. Arab leaders around the world scream that they want to kill me…Why is it just me that you see? Don’t you see Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan?…and these Muslims can’t vote in regular elections, they’re killed by the dozens during peaceful demonstrations.” Balshan then goes on to discuss India’s occupation as well as the fact that Azerbaijan is occupied. And what about China’s oppression of Tibet? No? The UN must have missed that. Or Russia’s occupation of Abkhazia? Turkeys genocide of Armenians? I guess the UN must have missed what’s going on in the rest of the world…

Arab World Calls for Genocide

And what about all the Arab leaders who practice apartheid while calling for Jewish genocide? The Arab world points their missiles at the tiny, Jewish country in attempt to destroy it. Did the UN miss their call for genocide as well? Hillel Neuer of the UN Watch addressed this issue at the UN in March 2017.

And then there’s Poland, who just 70 short years after 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, want to deny their part in the Holocaust? How ridiculous can the world be?

Wake up, World.

Balshan ends his poetic critique of the left by strongly saying, “…and our revenge has always been to survive and thrive, but inside of you we still see anti-Semitism alive. And until you can at least right this wrong, and until we feel like we belong, I’m sorry to tell you, peace is never gonna come along.”


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Woman Beheaded In Broad Daylight in ‘Moderate’ Muslim Nation While Police Watch

Woman Beheaded In Broad Daylight in ‘Moderate’ Muslim Nation While Police Watch

WARNING: Graphic and Disturbing

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WARNING: Graphic and Disturbing

In Saudi Arabia near the city of Mecca,  a woman is punished in broad daylight.  What’s her crime?  Her husband claims that she murdered his 7-year-old daughter.

The convicted woman is led out before a crowd in broad daylight and beheaded in the middle of a lot.

We do not know if she was afforded due process during her defense, but The Saudi justice system typically discriminates against female defendants.  Can we reason with these savages?

The problem is the ideology

We need to eradicate this evil. Not just the head of the snake, but the ideology that fosters this kind of actions.  If moderate Muslim nations don’t get their act together, they will also descend into the Dark Ages.  The fact that such an act could be committed in such a savage way is really impossible to comprehend.  When pondering the future of the “community of nations,” we need to understand that there are some nations that are literally living with morals that the Western World ditched hundreds of years ago.

Are these people that we would like to join forces with in fighting evil that exists in the world?

Can we work with these people?

It would seem that at least as a start, we should focus on getting basic modern morals across to nations that are capable of allowing things like this to occur in their midst, and only after there is some level of acceptance of norms that we can accept should we strive to bring them into whatever “community of peace-loving” nations exist.  Otherwise, we should stop deluding ourselves into thinking that we can do anything truly constructive with such primitive and savage countries.

If business deals are necessary with Saudi Arabia in order to keep the oil flowing, that’s all well and fine.

But, let’s accept the fact that they are a backwards and primitive country and we do NOT share common morals with them.  When the moral code advances a few centuries, then we will be able to make some progress together in bringing the world to a better place.

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Superman’s got nothing on Israel!

Superman’s got nothing on Israel!

With lightning speed and an open heart, Israel is the world's rescue team.

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Israel’s Army Medical Corps are a super-tested group. Not just in wars in Israel. Haiti, Japan, Philippines, and other locations where natural disasters have occurred, Israel was always on the cutting edge of saving lives.

This short film captures the amazing story of what a small country can do for all of mankind with proper ingenuity, talent, and caring for all people.

Next time someone accuses Israel of being an apartheid state, or a discriminatory state, just send them this video and they will be forced to admit that if they were ever stuck in a natural disaster, odds are that Israeli soldiers will be involved in saving their life!

A Light Unto the Nations

While people spread lies about Israel and call Israel an apartheid state, an evil state etc. we know the truth. Israel is a true light unto the nations. We are a tiny country, smaller than the US State of New Jersey. And yet, we send help to places all over the world when it is needed. Sometimes we are the first medical units set up in disaster areas even though we are the furtherst country from the disaster.

And this is only when discussing natural disasters that take place around the world.

The amount of medical breakthroughs Israel brings to humanity. Agricultural developemnts in farming and water solutions. This doesn’t even touch the various ways that Israel is helping countries all over the world.

The Bible was clear, those who bless Israel will blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed. We are a nation here to help humanity in every way we can and we are doing just that. Even though we are a tiny nation on the world state.

Be inspired by the Jewish people and the State of Israel, be inspired by the truth about us. Help get this video seen by as many people as possible to feel inspired as well.

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Incredible video of a Jerusalem secret…

Incredible video of a Jerusalem secret…

The secret about Jerusalem's famous open market finally revealed!

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An independent art project is changing the face of Jerusalem. Inspired by our modern heroes, the artists’ mission to paint the shutters of Jerusalem’s shuk has exploded in the media. See what happens “When the shutters close…”

In so many ways, the Jerusalem Shuk of Mahane Yehuda is the heart of “New Jerusalem.”

History, Artistry, and some very talented young Jerusaslemites are all fused together in this video featuring an amazing Jerusalem secret that has been spreading like wildfire amongst all who have seen it.

A short film by Shlomo Weprin and Joshua Fleisher

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HAHAHA! I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! These People Are Hilariously Amazing!

HAHAHA! I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! These People Are Hilariously Amazing!

These guys are incredible!

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Enjoy Toccata and Fuge in D minor by Bach, I Get Around by The Beach boys, Holiday by Madonna, Sweet Dreams with the Eurythmics, Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex and much much more. The Voca People is an Israeli based ensemble that performs locally and around the world, changing the language and songs according to the country where they happen to be performing. A total hit!

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A Day of Live Streaming From Amona Before the Planned Expulsion

A Day of Live Streaming From Amona Before the Planned Expulsion

End of day summary to a very, very hard day in Amona<

Israel Video Network

Judea and Samaria


End of day summary to a very, very hard day in Amona


Driving off to live stream the truth from Amona.  Ari Fuld and Avi Abelow travel to Amona in the land of Judea and Samaria.  The High Court of Israel decided to throw 40 families out of their homes from the heart of the Land of Israel.  Avi and Ari elucidate the facts.   

We arrived for a freezing hailstorm in Amona

Talking the Nitty Gritty about the Situation of Amona over Lunch with Friends in the Neighbouring community of Eli

Taking a Break to Have an Israel activist Shmooze with some amazing activists for Israel – Gedaliah and Elisheva Blum from Dapei Katom who live in the heartland of Eli in the Shomron in the Land of Israel.  In this discussion, the activists discuss together all of the myriad ways to be an active supporter of the Land of Israel.    

We just found out the horrible update of the government ultimatum

Internalizing the horrible situation

All the details about the horrible predicament

Farewell message from Amona

Live update from the roads leaving Amona

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When the IDF Rabbinical Choir meets the Chief IDF Cantor good things are going to happen…

When the IDF Rabbinical Choir meets the Chief IDF Cantor good things are going to happen…

'Eishet Chayil' has never sounded so good...

Israel Video Network

IA - Music

It is always a great feeling of honor to greet and thank members of the

IDf and the IDF Rabbinical Choir.

They are brave, well-trained, and they give

up three years (and possibly their lives) to defend Israel. And this

feeling doesn’t just go out to the soldiers in the front lines. It

extends to the intelligence officers supporting them.  It extends to the cooks, truck

drivers, and even army photographers.  Basically, every person wearing the IDF

uniform – all play an important role in making sure the IDF

functions in the best way possible. So it was truly a remarkable

experience to invite IDF soldiers over for a meal. Although, the biggest

surprises were just beginning – these soldiers are part of the IDF Rabbinical Choir.  That led to a stunning live impromptu song!

A Woman of Valor

Together, they sang the classic Jewish song Eshet Hayil, which means “a woman of valor.”

It is traditionally sung on Shabbat nights as a tribute to the Jewish woman and the spirituality of Shabbat.

However, it’s not just on Shabbat nights that we give tribute to women.

On Passover, the entire Jewish nation survived Egyptian slavery thanks to Jewish women.

On the holiday of Purim, we recall how God saved the Jews from Haman’s murderous scheme, after the

Jewish queen – Esther – stood up to Haman. And on the holiday of Hanuka, part of the evil Greek decree was that the

Greek leader would sleep with Jewish women.

Yet one brave woman, Yehudit, when forced to spend the night with him,killed him.

This helped inspire other Jews to defend themselves against the Greeks.

Jewish Identity

And perhaps most important of all – Jewish religious identity is determined by the mother of a person. So, Jewish women have the utmost importance in Judaism. Our survival as a nation is only because they saved the entire people. And when we listen to this song again, understanding its tribute, we are full of awe.  This soulful tune does justice to showing the deep gratitude deserved by women who have kept the Jewish people alive.

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Neo-Hasidic superstars ‘Zusha’ revolutionize Israel’s national anthem

Neo-Hasidic superstars ‘Zusha’ revolutionize Israel’s national anthem

Graceful and gentle as a godly whisper, undoubtedly inspired by the one and only.

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The Israeli National Anthem predates the State of Israel.

Naftali Hertz Imber, a Jewish poet from the area of Ukraine which at the time was called Galicia, wrote the anthem.

The words are quite romantic and harbor dreams of longing for the thousands of years of the Jewish people’s longing to return back to the Land of Israel.

It was such a hit that already back in 1897.   During the 1st Zionist Congress at which Theodore Herzl was the leader of the Zionist movement, they chose it as the anthem.

This song crossed all continents. Zionistic youth groups in Europe, America, Africa, South America, and Australia sang it.  They all expressed their longings to the Land of Israel through the song.

What is seemingly the main problem with this anthem is the lack of God’s name in the anthem.

Perhaps what these talented musicians have done in this rendition of the anthem is bring the soul back to the song.

Bring god back into the song where it so clearly belongs.

After all, what is the soul of a Jew, if not his Godliness, his essential essence – which is a product of God’s creation.


As long as in our hearts,
The Jewish soul,
And towards the corners of the East,
Gazing towards Tzion,
Looking forward to the future

Not yet has the hope been lost


Zusha music is always unique – to say the least

They once even produced a song called Darth Vader’s Niggun in honor Star Wars.

They described it as: ” elevating the dark side….”

Another one of their dandies is titled, “Mashiach” which means Messiah.

The entire video is filmed in 3 locales – at a train station, in a train, and on the streets of New York.

Although the “set” is rather simple, the video quality is excellent.

Most of all, the music is simply awesome – great rhythm and beat.

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Gad Elbaz just took his music to a whole new level

Gad Elbaz just took his music to a whole new level

This is one song you won't regret hearing!

Israel Video Network

IA - Music

Gad Elbaz is famously known for his hit song “Hashem Melech.” All his Jewish music tunes are catchy, his words are inspiring, and his music is just plain awesome.

His new song is completely different than “Hashem Melech,” and you’ll definitely want to put this one on repeat.

Gad Elbaz did something truly unique with his new song “When I fall.” It makes you stop and think – Am I remembering to include God in every step of my life? The words, the tune, and his voice combine to make the song something worth listening to. And then listening to again.

It can be hard to feel the presence of God in a world that is constantly moving and rushing. But if you stop for just a minute, you might be able to feel what the hustling and bustling world is missing.

Shakespeare once said, “When words fail, music speaks.”

And that is exactly what Gad Elbaz was able to do with this song – a perfect example of what Jewish Music should be.

The beautiful lyrics

Stay with me and watch me try
I know You’re here when you see me cry
You’re a piece of me..You’re in my veins
Even when I’m far and feeling gray
You can see it all I can’t run away

Don’t you forget me don’t let me go
I pray You’ll be with me
from the depth of my soul
Oh please forgive me cause
I want You to know
I’m learning to grow
Oh… You will always be the one
that holds me when I fall..when I fall…when I fall.

I still remember when I stumble down
You held me tight…I embrace the light
Step by step I’ll reach the top
I won’t look down You lift me up
I will give it all…now I’m here to stay

Just amazing Jewish Music.  Enjoy it all!

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