For all Those who Think There is Such Thing as ‘Moderate Muslims’…..

Meet the Norweigian Islamic leader, Fahad Qureshi. What is truly unsettling is that Qureshi has a polished presentation, clear unaccented English, poise, and excellent speaking skills. His bearing and delivery fit perfectly into Western society. His opinions, life philosophy, and beliefs do not.
Why did Qureshi (or his parents) move to Norweigh? Norweigh obviously does not promote societal norms that Qureshi demands. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan and many others do uphold the societal norms that he considers paramount. So why live in a society that so completely deviates from the way of life he considers ideal?
The answer is simple. Firstly, the Muslim countries listed above are not pleasant to live in. Secondly, Muslim ideology promotes forcing all peoples of the world to become Muslim and live according to Muslim law. it will be interesting to see what country they will target for mass immigration then…

Published: February 15, 2016
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