This Jewish Day School Just Blew Everyone’s Expectations Out Of The Water!

Teenagers. They just have so much energy. It’s rare that you find a school that really knows how to harness that energy to the wagon of values, learning, spirituality, history, and giving support to others. This Jewish New Jersey high school has found a way to do it. The Shiriya is not a contest but, rather, a weeklong multidisciplinary festival that celebrates Jewish ideas and values, as well as school spirit and unity. Each grade is assigned a Jewish or biblical subject, and they fundraise and create ideas to present during the Shiriya. The festival puts students on a natural “high” while helping them develop innate talents and push themselves forward, overcoming obstacles and learning to work together. Welcome the new generation of proud Jews, inspired, energetic, and working together to achieve their goals.

Published: May 24, 2016
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