Gad Elbaz just took his music to a whole new level

Gad Elbaz is famously known for his hit song “Hashem Melech.” All his Jewish music tunes are catchy, his words are inspiring, and his music is just plain awesome.

His new song is completely different than “Hashem Melech,” and you’ll definitely want to put this one on repeat.

Gad Elbaz did something truly unique with his new song “When I fall.” It makes you stop and think – Am I remembering to include God in every step of my life? The words, the tune, and his voice combine to make the song something worth listening to. And then listening to again.

It can be hard to feel the presence of God in a world that is constantly moving and rushing. But if you stop for just a minute, you might be able to feel what the hustling and bustling world is missing.

Shakespeare once said, “When words fail, music speaks.”

And that is exactly what Gad Elbaz was able to do with this song – a perfect example of what Jewish Music should be.

The beautiful lyrics

Stay with me and watch me try
I know You’re here when you see me cry
You’re a piece of me..You’re in my veins
Even when I’m far and feeling gray
You can see it all I can’t run away

Don’t you forget me don’t let me go
I pray You’ll be with me
from the depth of my soul
Oh please forgive me cause
I want You to know
I’m learning to grow
Oh… You will always be the one
that holds me when I fall..when I fall…when I fall.

I still remember when I stumble down
You held me tight…I embrace the light
Step by step I’ll reach the top
I won’t look down You lift me up
I will give it all…now I’m here to stay

Just amazing Jewish Music.  Enjoy it all!

Published: February 11, 2018
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