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Glenn’s special message for Israel


Published: November 22, 2012
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This is how you stand up for what is right while the rest of the world remains silent

Rubio's prophetic speech that silenced the Senate. You have been warned.

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Arab terrorist tried to kill an Israeli cop, watch the cops lightning response!

The video that makes radical islamic terrorists pee in their pants

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The Day Naftali Bennett Silenced CNN

Amanpour gets some show-and-tell on live TV.

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Swedish Church Removes Crosses to Make Muslim Migrants Feel Welcome

Why we are busy discussing how not to offend them, they are busy discussing how to kill us.

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car stabbing
Videos Don’t Lie! Does This Look the Terror the Mass Media is Reporting About?

He ran them over and then started stabbing innocent Jews! How hard is it to report the truth?!?!

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Hamas Terrorists Rally With Assault Rifles Brazenly in Jerusalem

Chilling video shows Hamas terrorists with M-16 in ceremony promising terror from northern Jerusalem neighborhood.

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Three murdered, over 20 wounded in five attacks today

Over a dozen wounded in simultaneous attacks in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot and Geula neighborhoods.

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