[GRAPHIC WARNING] The Forced Collective Suicide of the European Nations

Opening up the gates to Europe to millions of refugees has led to neighborhoods being overrun by masses of hungry and fleeing refugees. Their goal is Germany. In the process, European town have been laid to waste. Are the native French people going to become the minority? Absolutely. The most popular baby name in London was – yes, you got it – Mohammed.

Muslim immigration to Europe will basically thrust Europe backwards by around 500 years. The Middle Ages are here to stay.

The only world leader who has stood up and dealt with this issue properly is President-elect Donald Trump.

He realized that most of the immigrants are grown men. These are not poor families. They are people who will revolt and soon destroy the European Nations. Collective suicide is the proper description for what is going on in Europe.

If things don’t radically change, Europe will become Eurabia within one generation.

Published: December 24, 2016
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