Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel From Inside Hospital, Watch What Happens Next

Wafa Hospital, Gaza, July 2014. Hamas is firing rockets out of the hospital. The IDF makes contact (recorded) several times with a hospital representative in order to be completely sure that there are no injured people or hospital staff within the hospital. Only after being reassured several times that the hospital has been evacuated does Israel make an air strike.

The IDF is meticulously careful about protecting human rights during war. The IDF intelligence person tells the hospital represntative, “International law requires us to keep our soldiers and Israeli citizens safe and to prevent any shooting or firing of rockets from there.” It is not just international law, it is a basic human right to protect yourself. War crimes? Senseless killing for no reason? An excellent question to ask the Hamas. A ridiculous question to ask Israel.

Published: July 25, 2014
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