Here’s Why Sharia Law Must be Banned in the West

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Meet Aynaz Anni Cyrus. Aynaz is an American Iranian human rights activist, journalist, producer and freedom fighter.

Aynaz was born under the Islamic rule of Iran and after 15 years of imprisonment, torture, and oppression, she thankfully escaped. Her mission today is to bring hope to humanity and fight the true face of Islam by educating people through her first hand experience.

It is very sad that human rights organizations in the Western world are turning a blind eye to the brutal violation of human rights in the Muslim world under Sharia law. Thankfully, we have voices like Aynaz, sharing the truth with us. The problem is that the mainstream media of the Western World shut down the voices of victims like Aynaz, making it harder to get her story heard by the masses. The best way to hear the truth is to directly follow those who are spreading it, and not by relying on the mainstream media. Aynaz is definitely one of these important voices we all should be following and sharing. Please read more below about Aynaz, from her directly. Most importantly, she goes on speaking tours, so if she comes to your area, go hear her. Information about her upcoming speaking tour is below.

Aynaz wrote an extremely important article titled “Worth Less”. As you can imagine, it is about the treatment of women in Muslim society. Definitely read it.

Here is how she begins her article:

“I learned the worth of a woman under Islam the day I sought a divorce in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was worth less than a man, worth only half of a man. That day, somewhere in the United States, girls my age were making sure their clothes and hair were just right for a day in 7th grade (Year 9 in England). Not I. I stood before a judge in an Iranian courtroom as a married woman beaten brutally every day of my short “marriage” by my husband, a mentally unstable, older man to whom I had been sold for the financial profit of my family. I went to the courthouse, filed the documents, and waited to speak to the judge. When I was called to the courtroom, I explained I was seeking a divorce because the marriage had taken place against my will. The judge silenced me and told me to stop making excuses. He reminded me that according to the Qur’an and Islamic law I was a married woman. I composed myself, still needing to explain to the judge that the divorce was for my safety. I knew eventually my husband would beat me to death. The judge asked again why I was seeking a divorce. I gestured as best as I was able to my swollen, beaten face and dislocated shoulder. He stared at me and said inanely, “So he beat you?” When I responded, yes, he said, “Well, maybe if you would obey him, he wouldn’t have to beat you.”

As Aynaz recently posted on her facebook page:

I wish to protect and defend human rights against the Islamic oppression of Sharia. I survived and barely escaped it in my teens. I was a child bride. I was brutally abused under Islam.

I speak at these live appearances, and share them on video, to wake people up, so that I will be able to keep the freedom that I fought for so hard to reach in America 🇺🇲️.

Please support, and attend, if you are near one of these venues. Thank you!

Published: January 3, 2018
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