HISTORIC! Masses of Jews Trying to Visit the Temple Mount

Wow, wow, wow!

I have never seen so many Jews on line to go up and visit the Temple Mount, the holiest place of the Jewish people. This is absolutely historic! And all types of Jews, religious, secular, ultra-orthodox. What a beautiful sight to see!!!

May the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem continue his refusal to go through the metal detector, placed by the Israeli police after 3 Muslim religious officials of the Jordanian Waqf were caught aiding Muslim terrorists hide weapons on the Temple Mount to murder Jews! The Muslims have brought this tight security upon themselves with their terror!

May this the beginning of an awakening of more and more Jews going up to the Temple Mount and may we see the day soon when Jews are allowed to go up freely and pray on our holiest site, according to Jewish law!

We no longer want to look upon our holy Temple Mount from afar, we want to all visit there, be able to pray there, and make it accessible for all the nations, and not allow the Muslims to have any more control there!

Published: July 17, 2017
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