How Being Pro-Israel Landed This Family in a 7-Year War with the IRS

Under Barack Obama’s rule, US – Israeli governmental relations plummeted.  Obama simply chose to side with the

terror state sponsor, also known as Iran. Many people have claimed things of this sort, but Obama’s governmental

anti-Israel policies have actually been proven in court.  An American non-profit (Z-street) sued the Internal Revenue

Service (IRS) in order to get tax exempt status.

After many years of getting the cold shoulder, Z-street took the IRS to court. The IRS had some ridiculous claims.

The IRS claimed they could not be sued because they are the government. Then the IRS apparently said that Z-street

is supporting terror by supporting Israel. All of these claims are ridiculous and were thrown out by court, and the

IRS eventually settled with Z-street.

The Iran Deal

Perhaps one of the worst things Obama did is the Iran nuclear deal. Yet thankfully we are seeing changes under

President Trump.  First of all, President Trump recognizes how bad the Iranian deal was. Secondly, President Trump

has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. These are just a few differences that highlight Obama’s anti Israel

bias. Israel now is able to look back and see the damage that Obama did. Hopefully, Trump is changing this.

Stab in the Back at the UN

Perhaps one of the most significant acts Obama did was to stab Israel in the back at the United Nations at the end of

his tenure.  Obama refused to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel for settlement

construction. It reversed a decades-long United States policy of vetoing such diplomatic moves against Israel. The

Obama administration could have stopped this resolution by simply voting no.

John Bolton

In fact, former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton said that the United States “did vote no to a similar resolution in 2011… but this was a stab in the back against the Israelis, it was entirely predictable for people in the pro-Israel community in the United States….we should’ve seen this coming and this is what you get for supporting Barack Obama…I really think this was an effort to box the incoming Trump administration in, and it violates nearly 50 years of bipartisan policy in the United States.”

Published: February 13, 2018
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