How could the Jews see the sound of thunder at Sinai?

God’s revelation at Mount Sinai to the Jewish Nation was a monumental

event that was a critical point in human history. God descended and

revealed the Ten Commandments, prime rules that almost everyone today

will recognize. For example, “Don’t kill, Don’t steal, Honor your

parents…” Yet one of the most astounding events of all time was

important for yet another reason – and that is, it was a public

revelation in front of all of Israel. Everyone saw it. No one could

deny it. No one would have the excuse, “I didn’t know.” And since

everyone witnessed it, you know it was true. It’s not as if someone went off to a forest or

mountaintop and claimed to get a message from God. If so, there would be good reason to doubt the single witness.

Did he really see it? Did God really speak to him? But this revelation happened in front of all of Israel. That

means that all of our great-great-great-great grandparents were there and experienced it. Could the millions of

them have all made up the same series of events and all of them passed on the identical story to their children?

Extremely unlikely; the odds that they could all fabricate and give over the identical report of events are

astronomical. So this nation-wide revelation is proof that the G9iving of the Bible from God to His chosen people is true.

On the contrary, in Islam, revelation happened just to Mohammed on a mountaintop with no one else around.

If so, what proof is there that it actually happened? None.

Why should people believe him? There isn’t any good reason. Perhaps it’s because his violent actions included killing others, so they believed him out of fear of his murderous history and fear for their lives.

Whatever the reason, it was a one-man alibi that people chose to believe nonetheless. But in Judaism,

everyone saw it. Everyone knew that God gave the Torah and that it has Divine origins. That’s because everyone saw

it firsthand. There was no room for doubt.

Published: February 8, 2018
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