How to fight like an Israeli Girl in 7 easy steps

Chloé and Renny access their inner warrior and learn how to fight like a girl – a kick ass girl! Learn how to stop any attacker in his tracks with seven easy tips, channeling your girl power and the assets every woman’s body has.

So how exactly do you learn to fight like wonder woman? This self-defense class brings out all your power, first harnessing the strength of body language. And if that doesn’t work? There’s always the palm shot to the nose, the power of vocalization, the knee strike to the groin and harnessing the strongest part of a woman’s body – her hips.

Chloé and Renny learn all this thanks to an El HaLev (To The Heart) self-defense workshop. El HaLev is a non-profit NGO dedicated to empowering vulnerable populations through martial arts and self-defense training.

Published: February 27, 2017
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