I Think we Are all in Agreement, This is a Really Beautiful Song

Lover of my soul, merciful God,
bring your servant close to Your will.
Your servant will run like a gazelle, to prostrate before Your glory.
For Your companionship is purer than any fine taste or flavor.

Perfect, pleasing, radiance of the world, my soul desires Your love.
Please, God, heal her now, as You show her the pleasantness of Your light.
Now, strengthen and heal her, and she will be for You an eternal servant.

Ancient one, many your mercies be made manifest,
And have compassion on the child of Your lover.
For it is so long that I have faithfully waited, to see the glory of Your strength.
Please, my God, the desire of my Heart, hurry and do not hide!

Please, my beloved, reveal yourself and spread over me the shelter of Your peace.
Fill the world with the light of your glory, so that we may rejoice and be happy in You.
Be quick, my lover, for the time has come, and have mercy on me for all time.
(Translation – Gabe Seed)

Published: July 22, 2014
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