If you don’t believe the media has lost their minds, watch this and think again…

The media’s reporting has now become one of the most central issues being covered by the media.

Trump’s fitness to serve is simply a piece of fake news that his enemies are using to relentlessly attack him.

The issues are not the central matters that concern Trump’s opponents – they just seem focused on one thing – bringing President Trump down – with no red lines as to how to achieve that goal.

Let’s hope political discourse takes a step upwards and we can return to discussing the main issues.

Some corners of the media seem to have totally lost focus on what their jobs are supposed to be.

The State of Israel is very used to this entire idea of fact inventing and fact-bending.

Just like Donald Trump has been saying, the New York times has been using headlines such as:

“Ten die in PLO Fighting” as far back as the 80’s.

Instead of reporting that warring Arab factions in Lebanon had killed other Arab factions in Lebanon, the clear implication was that the Israeli Army killed 10 more Arabs.

This was noted by US Ambassador to the UN, Jeane Kikpatrick.

The key aspect was not whether or not the news was fake or not, but whether or not the implication that the publications were hoping to get across would stick.

In the case of the New York Times, it was a clear anti-Israel bias that spread across ABS, NBC, and CBS during their War in Lebanon.

The bias against Israel has continued to this day and has been augmented by CNN’s slanted reporting.

Fox News is occasionally a breath of fresh air on Israel, but not always;.

So, when Donald Trump takes on the biased media with terms like fake news, it is a pleasure to see and watch the pompous anti-right wing media cringe.

Indeed, most of the mass media has completely lost it.

Published: January 9, 2018
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