If you want to experience the incredible beauty of the Holy Land, now is your chance…

In a land that has experienced so much of histories turmoil, these landscapes are not just beautiful sights. Each and every hill top of the Holy Land holds a story waiting to be uncovered.

Here is a list of the places photographed, in order of appearance:
00:10-00:22 the Dome of the Rock and the old city of Jerusalem
00:23-00:29 Hilazon Valley – Galilee
00:30-00:39 David Tower – Jerusalem
00:40-00:56 Nazareth with the Basilica of Annunciation – Galilee
00:57-01:07 Blooming Almond tree – Galilee
01:08-01:26 Haifa
01:27-01:42 Beit Netofa Valley – Galilee
01:43-02:02 Oil Refineries Haifa
02:02-02:13 Clouds over the Sakhnin Valley – Galilee
02:14-02:26 Hey Stacks – Galilee
02:27-02:35 Old city of Jaffa
02:36-02:45 Ayalon highway and The Azrieli Center – Tel Aviv
02:46-02:57 Wind beaten Oak tree – Galilee
02:58-03:32 Tel Aviv coast line in sunrise and sunset
03:32-03:40 Sand dune near Beit Yanai – Sharon
03:40-03:50 Sunset at Akhziv Beach – Galilee

Published: November 2, 2015
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