Imagine if a Rabbi Did This in the Middle of his Speech

Now this is an interesting sermon. Imagine a rabbi or priest doing something like this during a speech or sermon. It might actually hike up the weekly attendance in their synagogue or church.
Sheikh Iyad Abu Mujahid Funoun is giving a sermon at the Al Huda mosque in Gaza. Why are we surprised that he is holding a rifle? Killing infidels and non-Muslims is inherent to the Islam religion. Sheikh Funoun is bringing it to life (so to speak) and preaching while holding a gun. He’s inspiring his congregation to do Allah’s will. Why is it so appalling to us? Simply because our religion tells us “Do not murder”. It’s one of the ten commandments. Murder is against our religion. In theirs, if you murder specific people, it’s praiseworthy. It’s time to accept Islam for what it is with no concern for political correctness. Islam it seems, is inherently violent and murderous. We must be aware of that in order to respond appropriately. Perhaps Funoun who was arrested twice by Israel should not have been released as a “goodwill gesture”?

Published: October 30, 2014
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