Iran – The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization, not just to Israel!

Iran is a threat to the USA and the whole Western world! Don’t scapegoat Israel! Iran is a threat to Obama, to Clinton, to Cameroon, to Holland, to every single Western country, their leaders and their citizens!

Part of the Iranian constitution says that they have a religious mission of jihad to spread Islam all over the world! This is their national constitution! They speak of the USA as the enemy/satan and of taking over America to then spread Allah’s law in the USA. They scream at public rallies “Death to America”!

Make no mistake, Iran is an enemy of the USA and they have a plan of jihad for the whole world. They use Israel as their scapegoat so that the world will ignore their actions (because how many countries will truly cry if Israel is wiped off the map) and as their smokescreen so that the western world will disregard Iran’s true intention of global jihad!

Policy “experts” and politicians tell us that the USA shouldn’t let Israel bomb Iran to stop her nuclear program, because then Iran will retaliate against the USA. DON”T BELIEVE THEM! That is a flat out lie that disregards the true Iranian intentions! They are scape-goating Israel for a major problem that the USA and the whole Western world should be targeting as its number one priority – to stop Iran from progressing with its global jihad against the West and the USA. Therefore, the Western world and the USA MUST do everything in its power to stop it from gaining nuclear capability. Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism worldwide. Imagine if it could hand out dirty bombs with nuclear capability to its terror units in Europe, South America, North America etc. The world will not be safe for anyone in the path of Iran’s global jihad to spread Islam, especially if Iran has nuclear capabilities!

As long as the current Iranian regime is in power, the Western world, including the USA, is not safe!

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Published: September 13, 2012
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