Iranian Film Shows Nuke War with Israel

An Iranian fantasy of the destruction of Israel. The word “holocaust” appears at the beginning and at another stage of this four minute horrifying video. It is truly hard for me to understand such intense hatred for a country that wants to live in peace with its neighbors.
Perhaps, it’s possible to understand such incredible hostility towards Israel by understanding the huge significance of the Jewish People. Israel is a ray of hope and inspiration to many underdeveloped nations of the world. “A light unto the nations.” Israel is also a nation that stands alone. There is a message of humanity and peace that permeates the tiny Jewish state’s existence and it has attracted an incredible amount of attention. Israel has made astounding advances in so many areas but has remained an outsider. Is she, perhaps, a tiny but persistent ideological hitch in the wheel of the Moslem agenda?

Published: May 27, 2014
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