Is This What you Want to See on Your Hometown Streets?

It is important to realize when watching this revolting video, that this is a punishment based on Islamic criminal law in accordance with the Sharia. What ISIS, the Islamic brotherhood and other Islamic fundamentalist groups would like to impose upon all countries of the world is Sharia law. In Islamic countries the Hudud (the category of crimes against God) is dealt with using the punishments that the Quran prescribes for them. For stealing, the Quran punishment is the amputation of the hand, for adultery and homosexual acts the punishment proscribed is being stoned to death, for apostasy the punishment is beheading and lashing, as seen in the video, is proscribed for premarital sex.

These are punishments that are still being dealt out today in various Islamic countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. We, and all citizens of the Western World who see this as barbarianism need to be more aware of what members of the religious Muslim movements are working towards enforcing worldwide.

Published: April 6, 2017
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